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Ina Shai

When Slovenian popstar Ina Shai played us her power ballad ‘Overload’, we knew that a cinematic look would suit the feel of the track, so we went about developing a storyboard of strong visuals on the backdrop of an autumn woodland. Under a considered budget, we went for high production value with the use of steadicam and aerial drone footage. Whilst there is no direct narrative in the video, we see Ina next to a tree in some of the opening sequences before a final reveal at the end of the video showing she is tied up. These abstract concept was developed to create an extra layer of interest to the video.

Working outside on location brings it’s own challenges given there are no power outlets, no changing room and no guarantee of the conditions (especially in November!) but through some creative planning, we were able to ensure that the talent was looked after by our styling team before getting on location, and we were prepared for the days shoot with plenty of batteries! By being prepared, we maximise our chances of capturing the sequences we have developed in pre-production, a vital stage in any video production.


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