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Youth Club

Having worked with Youth Club before, I have had come accustomed to their tropical pop vibe and had previously made work to bring this feel to the screen. But after listening to their upcoming single ‘Are You Wanting It All’ it was clear that the change in direction for the band would need a different style. We developed a treatment titled ‘Neon Nights’ that would incorporate a sharp neon palette with in scenes of darkness and shadows. More can be read on the technical efforts made to bring some neon scenes to life here.


We brought together a group of talented individuals to help bring the treatment to life including stylists from swimwear label Luna Falls, make up artist Kaylor Wright, and a collection of talented dancers. Much of video production is ensuring all the key parts are in place to bring ideas to life, and our network of creative talent that has been developed over the years affords us exciting creative freedom under conservative budgets. 


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